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Title: New project!
Post by: Usha on October 29, 2017, 09:16:11 AM
Livingstone 13
Tokyo Ghoul: re 45
Tokyo Revengers 1

New chapters of Livingstone and re, but more importantly, we've picked up the newest project by Wakui Ken, Tokyo Revengers! I highly recommend you check it as it has an interesting set up so far, as expected of Wakui Ken!

Enjoy ~

A reminder of our new chat at Twisted Hel's Discord (

PS: We need staff in general, please check our recruitment board in the forum!

Enjoy ~

Livingstone 13: MF ( || MEGA (!KVRT0Lob!NRjWksiGh4he26irrfwFSDuJNDpQD5c7py8uk11cpxo) |

Tokyo Ghoul: re 45: MF ( || MEGA (!LIp1VZTC!AMC2dCJM87v7qoRAkYhwTEbQPR1yIDDRzv3k-roVUqE) |

Tokyo Revengers 1: MF ( || MEGA (!jdRGXByQ!ZrGvALVgCUT5FQKi4c_LPwLahAmwtAmNOv16SNrlagc) |

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