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More chapters and new projects!
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:29:07 AM »
Area 51 1
Grateful Dead 1
Livingstone 9

As promised, more chapters coming up! This time is a new chapter of Livingstone and 2 new projects, Area 51 and Grateful Dead! Both of them are from the author Hisa Masato, hope you'll like them! Thanks to ElemHunter for the amazing raws =)
We're currently recruiting Editors and Translators! If you think you can help please don't doubt about sending as an e-mail to our new adress, or sending me a private message!

PS: As I reminder, I've been having trouble accesing our previous e-mail, I'm still working to recover it but if you needed anything urgent please resend your e-mail to the new one =).
We are in need of donations!
Enjoy ~

Area 51 3: MF || MEGA || Read Online

Grateful Dead 1: MF || MEGA || Read Online

Livingstone 9: MF || MEGA || Read Online

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