Author Topic: OUR FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, NEWS AND CHAPTERS.  (Read 1039 times)


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« on: July 21, 2017, 08:00:30 AM »
Area 51 8
God Eater ~ The 2nd Break 13
Livingstone 12
Sekisei Inko 10
Tokyo Ghoul: re 42
Zyklus CODE 13

Hello hello there, guess what. 7 days ago it was our anniversary! If you're wondering "why 7 days late!?" WELL I was on holidays =D.
Anyhow, the 13th of July we became 5 years old, 5 grand years. 5 years where we've met new people, ... "released" some other people. Worked like crazy or very lazily. Shared problems and hapiness and whatnot. Discussed over the World Peace or over the latest manga chapter. 5 years where this little hel became even more like a family for some of us. Thanks everyone!

For this specific time I decided to make a discord server with a public chat so come join us and chat at Twisted Hel's Discord
As for the chapters we tried putting together as much as we could, however I wasn't the only one away and quite a lot of us have been rather busy or traveling or similar during the last month so this is all! Hope you enjoy and pass by to say hi... or to join! (The second is a better option, yup)

Enjoy ~

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