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Playground Rules
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:56:04 PM »
Welcome to Twisted Hel Scans forum. Please make sure to read the rules and understand them before start posting, breaking any of those rules could result in your account banned.

- Extreme violence or sexual content is forbidden (a little bit is ok).
- Spoilers out of the designated place are also forbidden, for each project there is a "Latest chapter" thread where you can talk about it.
- Any kind of disrespectful behaviour, intolerance, racism, sexism is completely forbidden and will be instantly banned.
- Complaints towards Twisted Hel's Staff or about the release speed is also forbidden, I swear we won't release faster even if you ask us 549684097865 times. If you want to speed up releases, check the "Join us" section.
- Spam is forbidden, if your username makes me think you're a bot, you'll be banned without question (ie: fdgkjsdfghksfjg), if you have any kind of advertising in your profile or any of your posts, you will also be banned. If this has happened to you and you're not a bot, email us at to be unbanned (as long as you remove the advertisement).
- Posting our chapters or any part of them without credit is completely forbidden, and I swear I'll hunt you to the ends of the world =).
- Please avoid double posting, if you forgot to say something, edit your previous post.
- Retranslation: Please check the retranslation section to ask us for retranslation of any of the projects
- You're welcome to have fun in Hel and post as much as you want ~