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More stuffs!
« on: January 14, 2018, 09:57:04 AM »
Area 51
Faceless Woman 5
God Eater ~ The 2nd Break 16 & 17
Grateful Dead 5
Livingstone 14 & 15
Seikisei Inko 13
Zyklus; CODE 15

Hello ~ today we bring a lot of chapters and some sad news (if anyone still doesn't know about this). This will be our last release on batoto as it will be closing down on the 18th of this month. However after doing some arrangements our reader is back up and running again! (Note: chapters of Tokyo Ghoul: re need to be updated for 31+).
We were planning on doing this release around new year's eve but we all know how holidays are... everyone became busy (me included), etc so it took us a bit more time =P.

On a side note, God Eater ~ The 2nd Break is coming to an end, chapter 18 is the last chapter, but we have the next God Eater in mind! However we REALLY need cleaners, so please check our Cleaner Test, and send us an email to or visit our Discord Server and contact me using @Usha to apply or if you have any questions.

Enjoy ~

Area 51 11: MEGA || MF || Online

Faceless Woman 5: MEGA || MEGA || Online

God Eater 16: MEGA || MF || Online
God Eater 17: MEGA || MF || Online

Grateful Dead 5: MEGA || MF || Online

Livingstone 14: MEGA || MF || Online
Livingstone 15: MEGA || MF || Online

Sekisei Inko 13: MEGA || MF || Online

Zyklus; CODE 15: MEGA || MF || Online

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