Author Topic: The End is Nigh  (Read 1653 times)

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The End is Nigh
« on: January 28, 2018, 04:57:38 PM »
God Eater ~ The 2nd Break 18 [END]
Tokyo Ghoul: re 47

So so, it seems we are done with God Eater ~ The 2nd Break! It's been uh.. yeah! only 5 years to finish 18 chapters, we are that cool and fast ~. I hope you enjoyed the read, we will be back with more God Eater sometime soon (TM). However we REALLY need cleaners so please apply!
We also have the amazing amount of 3$ to buy our raws so any donations would be highly appreciated. Donate here

NOTE: Tokyo Ghoul: re chapters are STILL not updated in our reader and can only be found up to chapter 31, will update soon... (I've been a lazy fucker =D )

Enjoy ~

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Tokyo Ghoul: re 47: MEGA || MF || Read Online

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